The Ford Government has introduced a proposed new law — Bill 66 — that would allow municipalities to exempt a wide range of new developments, including shopping malls, subdivisions and factories, from source water protection requirements, land-use plans and special land and water protection legislation, including the Lake Simcoe Protection Act and the Greenbelt Act.

This law serves no real purpose other than increasing profits for developers and could lead to the destruction of forests, wetlands and source water areas.  Municipalities already have plenty of land zoned for employment uses and do not need to sweep away protections for sensitive natural areas to drive job growth.  Putting developers’ interests ahead of protecting Lake Simcoe is poor policy and we need to tell our MPPs that they must vote against this bill.

Please send a message to Barrie—Innisfil MPP Andrea Khanjin at or call her at 705-722-0575 and tell her Bill 66 is on the wrong track.

Please also sign the petition below to demonstrate that you do not want to see new developments exempted from the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan. You can change the pre-formatted message that will be automatically sent to MPP Khanjin by clicking “Read or Edit the Petition” in the box below.

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