I am always hesitant to answer these types of questionnaire, because any answers you get from everyone will be crap. That is why i clicked “undecided”, it is a loaded question. What you are really asking is will I work with your group to keep what we have here safe, clean, and the best it can be? The answer is yes, yes I want to keep Lake Simcoe beautiful. As a business owner in Barrie for the last 16+ years, I can understand the work/life balance in our beautiful environment. As someone who was a judge for planning for 12 years, I know SMART planning must include the environment, the surrounding areas. As someone who just finished 6 years as the Vice President of the tourism board, I understand the revenue the environment brings us in this area. I was not born in Barrie, I choose to live here in large part because of the beauty up here. I am not going to lie to you for your vote, I will work with you to keep what we have beautiful, a vote for me is a vote for someone who will work with you, and that is the truth. I hope I can count on your support.