Reading through the lake Simcoe clean up plan sounds like it is an uphill battle. Residence and developers wont want to pay the extra taxes but if something drastic isn’t done now the health and the quality of the lake are going to continue diminishing. I have spoke to many constituents about the quality of the lake and it is a real concern that they would like addressed.
By the sounds of things I like the idea of what they are doing in Lake Erie regarding smarter more modern agricultural techniques. Crop stripping, cover crops and crop rotation are relatively inexpensive and it appears that it makes a significant difference for the amount of phosphorus that makes its way back into the lake, I like this idea and I like the idea of it being implemented.
Regarding the storm water, I had no idea that street sweeping and sidewalk sweeping would make such a difference if they are scheduled more frequently. I like the idea of increasing frequency, it helps out with the phosphorus in the lake and ensures that the town doesn’t look too shabby in between sweepings. It also seems like it[s a relatively low expense to get multiple benefits.
I like the idea of ensuring that all new developments (within reasonable access to the town sewer system) are hooked up to town services to avoid individual septic tanks, especially the closer they are to the lake.

Shifting the costs from the residence to the developers is also a no-brainer in my opinion. The developers shouldn’t be off the hook for the increased population and ensuing pollution that comes with development and an increased population.